Nov 25, 2007

Don`t lift away my veil

Don`t lift away my veil,don`t call me oppressed
because of the clothes I wear...
My body is like the temple of Allah,too precious
to be seen by your eyes.

Don`t lift away my veil,is my human right
as a Muslim woman...
I`m totaly free and I obey Allah`s law
not the human`s law.

Don`t lift away my veil,don`t expose me
to the eyes of men...
I don`t want to play as others that game
of seducing&being seduced.

Don`t lift away my veil,it keeps me safty
of men`s desire...
I wear it because Is my choice and brings me
dignity,beauty and respect.

Don`t lift away my veil,don`t call me slave
because I guard my modesty...
In the name of Allah the Merciful,the Almighty
respect me always.

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